Saturday, 27 June 2015

Final Fell Race

Druisdeer. Heat 2 of the British Championships.

It was a fell race too far. And I finished next to last.

Up and down and over the 3 green hills;  in a minute or two less than 3 hours was some consolation.

It was 10.5 miles (17 kms) with 3,850 feet (1,175 mtrs) but there were some steep descents which were not to my taste.

Enjoyable nevertheless.

And I did meet Steve Jones (Eryri).

And Jon was there.

And there were lots of cakes and cups of tea in the church in the village of 12 houses.

Back to sensible normal tomorrow.

Round the local park. Maybe once. Maybe twice. We shall see.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Charity Fun Run

Yesterday in our local park there was a charity race to raise funds for families of children affected by cancer. Throughout the day people queued up to make their donation and take part in the event. There were hundreds of runners of every shape, size and ability; and dozens of nationalities. 

There was no winner as such. In fact there was no race in the sense of laurels going to the fastest runner. The idea was simply to collect a sticker from a race marshall at the completion of every 1.5 kms lap. Sponsors would donate a some of money per sticker per runner. 

The important thing was to drink plenty of fluids and run at a steady pace one could maintain in order to reach one's personal target, be it one lap or many laps, in the hot and humid weather. As you can see I managed to collect 14 stickers (14 laps / completed distance 21 kms). 

As one gets older one must allow longer periods for rest and recovery. When I was younger I ran 5 or 6 times per week. Nowadays I run 3 or 4 times per week. Now having completed a half marathon equivalent I must take two days off from running in order for my body to recover fully and thereby avoid injury.  

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

haiku on the run

spring in the park

the child refreshes the bottle

of an old jogger

Monday, 1 June 2015

25. Iso-Radler Pfandler Dammlauf

A welcome return to the traditional course following repairs to the flood barrier. The rolled gravel path along the top of the dam is smoother than the old one, so may be faster.

Many trees have gone. Possibly the roots were damaging the flood defences.

By way of compensation there are now wide  panoramic views of several mountains including Zimnitz and Jainzen.

Good atmosphere with children's races and music from local band.

25th May 2015 Pfandl, Austria
7.4 kms. Multi-Terrain

01.  R Gruber (Salamon Team)  23:15
23.  M Rainbacher (Unatt.)  1L  29:36
81.  K Weber (LF Mondsee) 1 M65  34:29
134.G Williams (Clayton H) 3 M65  39:24

183 Finishers.