Monday, 1 June 2015

25. Iso-Radler Pfandler Dammlauf

A welcome return to the traditional course following repairs to the flood barrier. The rolled gravel path along the top of the dam is smoother than the old one, so may be faster.

Many trees have gone. Possibly the roots were damaging the flood defences.

By way of compensation there are now wide  panoramic views of several mountains including Zimnitz and Jainzen.

Good atmosphere with children's races and music from local band.

25th May 2015 Pfandl, Austria
7.4 kms. Multi-Terrain

01.  R Gruber (Salamon Team)  23:15
23.  M Rainbacher (Unatt.)  1L  29:36
81.  K Weber (LF Mondsee) 1 M65  34:29
134.G Williams (Clayton H) 3 M65  39:24

183 Finishers.

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