Thursday, 3 September 2015

I Run for Kira Grünberg in the Vienna Prater

Arriving at 'registration' 

Choosing a coloured balloon

Surprise meeting with a friend 

The object of yesterday evening's charity event was to raise money for Kira Grünberg, the Austrian pole vaulter badly injured in a recent training accident.

More than 3,300 runners, walkers, wheelchair athletes and others took part and more than €64,000 was raised for Kira and her family who will need to adapt their house to fit Kira's new lifestyle, for example to accommodate her wheelchair.

As it happens, a favourite  uncle of mine, a man of great humour and courage, was paralysed from the waist down when a railway tunnel collapsed, and his lifestyle had to undergo a great change, so I know what lies ahead.

There was a choice of distances ranging from 2 kms up to 10 kms. I ran with a large group of runners led  by a charming young lady flying a green balloon on a string. I think we completed 7.5 kms but I'm not sure; however the distance and time was not a factor. It was purely a fun thing to do.