Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Salzburg Trail Running Festival

These pictures were not taken in Salzburg but nevertheless in the absence of race photos I have put them up to show how beautiful the autumn colours are in the mountains nearby.

Trail running is not about the race, it's about the trails and where they can lead you. The race is something extra, it's what you might do now and again to justify to yourself the training aspect or for some other reason, each to his own.

I find trail runners to be a friendly and agreeable bunch on the whole. This summer I spent some quality time running with a couple of them, maybe 5 or 6 sessions. And it wasn't about the running. It was about being together for some purpose beyond that. If I knew what it was I'd tell you.

Salzburg Trail Running Festival
Festung* TrailRace 24th Oct.
15 kms / 570 mtrs + / 490 mtrs -

1.    M Innerhofer (Salamon RT Austria)  1:04:31
20.  S Koblm├╝ller (Salamon RT Austria)  1:14:35 (1st Lady)
112. P Kornthaler (W├╝stenrot)  1:31:42  (1st M55 Masters)
184. G Williams (Clayton H) 1:53:07 (3rd M55** Masters)
210 Finishers
3 DNFs

*Race finishes at the fortified castle (or Festung) above Salzburg, hence the name.
**Curiously no age group category for the Over 65's, or even the Over 60's.

Unfortunately  I had to forego my moment of glory on the podium. Faced with a 90 minute bus journey on the soon to depart Postbus or spending 3 hours in the official bar waiting for the next one I took the first option.

C'est la Vie.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

A walk on the wild side

Pictures from an autumn walk from Bad Goisern to Gosau in Austria's Salzkammergut but sad to say there was no time to visit that notable landmark Indian Rock. I made up for it (slightly) by spying some poisonous mushrooms and even discovered a mountain village (no scalps were taken). 

When the days are longer I will try to return.