Friday, 1 January 2016

End of the Year in Linz

In Austria there are many town centre races that a runner can choose from on New Years Eve.

I chose Linz, because I wanted to 'get the feel' of the place. There are several running events in the locality during the course of the year and some of them may come into consideration when making future plans.

Linz lies on the Danube River. The city is the capital and the administrative centre of the province of Upper Austria. Situated on the main east-west railway line Linz is a convenient location for the traveller.

The 6 kms course for the Silvesterlauf consists of 2 x 3 kms laps of the city centre, that is to say of the old town. The start and finish area is near the Art University in the Hauptplatz. Conditions on the day were ideal. I was delighted with my 4th place. No complaints.

Linz 6 kms Road Race
31st December 2015

1.  W Ploeger NED  17:23
9.  M Herzog  NED  1F  19:44
304.  E Fischer-Colbrie  AUT 1M65  27:05
489. G Williams GBR 4M65  30:17

781 Finishers
(incl. 10 M65s)


Rachel said...

Ah Herzog, I see he ran second; I trust he did not have a midlife crisis whilst running. Strange timings in that the first two obviously ran like hares and nothing in between until 3rd and you 4th. I see Linz on my map of the Danube at the German side of Austria as opposed to the Hungarian side.

Gwil W said...

Hi Rachel, just to clarify, Herzog the runner is in fact a very good Dutch lady. On race results they use F for Female and M for Male but not always, so '1F' means 'first female'. Linz is a pretty good station for getting about in the central area between Wien and Salzburg. It's a station all trains stop at. Not all trains stop at Attnang-Pucheim for example.

Rachel said...

Interesting to know, especially about the station at Linz. Herzog I was referring to was of course the Saul Bellow novel, but you knew that.

Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

Good post indeed
Happy new year !

Gwil W said...

Thank you Shilpa, and apologies for not answering you before now.