Thursday, 31 March 2016

Lainzer Tiergarten Training

The S-Bahn 45 took me to Hüttledorf Bhf and from there I walked to the Nikolai Tor of the Lainzer Tiergarten about 10 minutes away.

There are many trails for runners and walkers (without dogs) in the Tiergarten and I was there for my first springtime run of 2016.

A cautious choice was a gentle 2 laps of a hilly 3.5 kms circuit. My backpack and contents which I carried with me on the run weighed 4 kgs (or 9 lbs).

I ran in an anti-clockwise direction beginning at point 1 (see map) and went via points 18, 17, 16, . . . etc. basically ascending the 50 meters to the summit and arriving at point 6. My way then descended to point 1 via points 5, 4, 3, and 2.

The top photograph was taken on the second lap near point 3.

This 7 kms run was completed without problems in a time 45 minutes. That's equivalent to a 4hrs 30mins marathon pace.

The 3.5 kms Nikolai Tor circuit is a practical training route with possibilities:

Laps ------------- Distance
1 ............ 3.5kms (hd +/- 50 mtrs)
2 ............ 7.0kms (hd +/- 100 mtrs)
3 ........... 10.5kms (hd +/- 150 mtrs)
6 ........... 21.0kms (appx. half marathon) (hd +/- 300 mtrs)
12 ......... 42.0kms (appx. full marathon) (hd +/- 600 mtrs)


Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful image.

Gwil W said...

It's a lovely place. Tarmac trails as well as forest paths. It's surrounded by a 25 km long wall with about 6 entrances. There are wild boar but they don't bother the visitor as long as you stay on the official paths etc.. It used to be a hunting park for royalty. The palace in the middle of it has been turned into a restaurant and museum. Admission to the park is free.