Monday, 23 May 2016

The 2016 Pfandl Dam Run

View of Zimnitz from Bad Ischl

Improvements to the hiking trail atop the Ischler dam meant that runners in the Pfandl Dam Race had panoramic views of the wonderful scenery.

The village of Pfandl, where the race starts and finishes, nestles below the Zimnitz mountain.

The popular health resort of Bad Ischl is just 5 kms away.

The 16th May 2016 saw the 26th running of the Pfandl Dam Race.

Pfandl 7.4 kms multi-terrain.

1.   A Englebrecht - Team Lichenegger - 24:04
2.   A Pfandlbauer - Mammut - 24:52
3.   S Greiner - Sparkasse - 25:35
124. F Lettner - St Wolfgang - 1M65 - 37:28
132. G Williams - Clayton H - 2 M65 - 38:53

165 finishers.

There were just two runners in the men's 65-69 age category. I was satisfied with my 2nd place in this early season outing.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Running for those who can't

Wings for Life (motto: running for those who can't) was set up under the auspices of the Red Bull organization to give financial help in the field of spinal cord research. One hundred precent of all monies including donations, sponsorship and entry fees for the Wings for Life Race goes towards research. Not one cent is deducted for expenses, advertising or any other reasons.

This year's race, the third annual event, attracted a record 140,000 runners. I ran at the Vienna venue.

My personal target was to reach the famous area of parkland known as the Prater, approximately 15 kms from the start in the city centre at Karlsplatz, before being hoovered-up by the 'catcher car'.

Some 15,000 athletes participated in the Vienna race.

All 34 races at venues in 17 time zones around the world started simultaenuously.

In England the Wings for Life Race started at Cambridge and the 'catcher car' was driven slowly by racing driver David Coulthard.

Here I am on Saturday afternoon, the day before the race, with the Austrian 'catcher car'.

In the Wings for Life Race everyone is a winner.

My result:

Finisher position: 43,393

Distance: 12.78 kms

Registered runners: 130,732

Friday, 6 May 2016

Schoepfl Mountain Race

First competitive run over the hills (2016) so it was, to coin a horse racing term, a 'pipe opener'.

New course which I considered an improvement on the old one took in less tarmac and more wilderness. With red and white spots on stones and direction arrows or race marshalls where required navigation was not problem.

Conditions on the hill were cool, misty and muddy.

I tracked my old rival Günther Nolz up the final ascent and finished a little under half a minute behind him.


7 kms / 450 mtrs +

1.  A Krenn M40 (Castrol Edge Power)  33:59
19. H Waxenecker 1F (LC Mank) 43:05
33. J Ratteneder 1M65 (U.St. Pölten) 49:17
59. G Williams 5M65 (Clayton H) 57:49

69 Finishers.