Friday, 6 May 2016

Schoepfl Mountain Race

First competitive run over the hills (2016) so it was, to coin a horse racing term, a 'pipe opener'.

New course which I considered an improvement on the old one took in less tarmac and more wilderness. With red and white spots on stones and direction arrows or race marshalls where required navigation was not problem.

Conditions on the hill were cool, misty and muddy.

I tracked my old rival Günther Nolz up the final ascent and finished a little under half a minute behind him.


7 kms / 450 mtrs +

1.  A Krenn M40 (Castrol Edge Power)  33:59
19. H Waxenecker 1F (LC Mank) 43:05
33. J Ratteneder 1M65 (U.St. Pölten) 49:17
59. G Williams 5M65 (Clayton H) 57:49

69 Finishers.

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