Sunday, 13 November 2016

Frosty Trail in Vienna Woods

This morning the thermometer hovered around freezing point. But frosty mornings on the trails hereabouts are a special experience. The crunch–––crunch–––crunch of frozen snow under running feet is hypnotic. Throw in an occasional zephyr and a sudden fall of ice and snow from a tunnel of overhead branches and you feel there's a ghost in the treetops. 

And then the sun peeped through. And I grabbed my camera and went for it - my first training run in wintry conditions this back end of the year. 

It was energizing and rewarding. And even though I 'm not a runner who takes music on the run I did hear the refrain Happy days are here again - or something like it - from somewhere in my head as I began my climb to the summit stone on the pass over the Exelberg hill.  

Here's the trail:  

Mud on your studs! 

And up the hill we go . . .

. . . into the winter wonderland

. . . to the summit stone!


Copper beech. Descending.

A stream of thoughts . . .

. . . and reflections.

The End