Monday, 24 April 2017

The Second Long Run

The bus took me from the railway station at Heiligenstadt to my starting point about halfway up the first hill. Ströck (the logo on the horse's neck) is the name of a bakery. They make good bread.

After 10 minutes of gentle uphill running I was on the desired path.

The Vienna Woods is a working forest. There's always something to do. After the recent storms many trees have to be cleared from the paths.

This path leads to the first summit of Hermann's Kogel.  At 542 mtrs it's the highest point within the Vienna boundary.

A glimpse of the city below. The faint blue stripe to the left of centre is the Danube river.

The summit and the old Habsburg Tower nowadays adorned with modern electronics.

On the way to the next hilltop a fallen tree blocks my chosen path. I make a small diversion.

I meet two Japanese ladies. They are photographing a pond. This gives me an idea. They agreed to take my photo.

Ascending the Hameau which has a small plateau on top (464 mtrs) and an information board.  There are paths and trails in many directions. I take one going north-east.

Ten minutes short of 3 hours, with a 10 minute stop for cake and coffee, I reach my destination.

The distance is not relevant. I have no way of recording it, and anyway with my new training schedule it's time on my feet that really matters.

All in all it was a fine way to spend a Monday morning, and it satisfactorily brings to an end the second week of my new training system  (which is outlined in one of the posts below).

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