Monday, 29 May 2017

Normal Training Resumed

So many trails . . .

Ready for the off . . . 

Fringing the wine gardens . . . 

A wild flower paradise . . . 

My 'local runner' leads the way . . . 

Hello Poppy!

Scanning the horizon . . .  for a suitable tavern? 

This morning's run was of one hour duration. My guide for the day, that's him in the bottom picture, picked the route and I simply followed. We didn't get lost.

The path on which my friend H is standing is part of the so-called Rundumadum - a waymarked walking route which follows the Vienna boundary.

As indicated by the map in the top picture we started in the Bisamberg area.

I wore long socks as a layer protection against any Zecken (ticks) which might be lying in wait alongside the path. That's shown in the second photo.

We soon emerged into open meadows and sunlight. The other photos give some idea of the terrain, the wide sky, and the wild flowers to be seen along the way.

Afterwards we went to a wine tavern for lunch. I had a spinach strudel and a mixed salad washed down with red grape juice.

That's the short run out of the way. The medium and long runs for the week are waiting in the wings.*

The summer beckons.

*Flexible plans are important!  The week's training turned out to be 4 runs -  each of 1hr 00 to 1hr 30mins duration.  Not quite what I'd envisaged!

Back to normal next week?
Well, that's the idea!  

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