Saturday, 15 July 2017

Over 'The Hill'

The Hill is not long.

Maybe it's 2 kms.

It has 8 bends.

There are two steep sections. The steepest is after bend 7, with a gradient of 10%.

Halfway up The Hill there is a runner on a concrete wall.

I attack The Hill on my one hour training runs.

I like The Hill.   Running over The Hill is exhilarating.

At the top of The Hill the road ends     and the trail begins.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A 1/5th Marathon

On Sunday I went to a picture postcard location in Upper Austria to take part  in a "1/5th marathon",- a scenic 2 lap race which included an off-road trail around the perimeter of a green peninsula protruding into the Traunsee lake.

The start and finish locations were in the town square of Gmunden - and as the race got underway the bells of the town hall clock chimed 10am.

Runners in a shorter race, a "1/10th marathon" taking place at the same time and over the same course wore red numbers.  The rest of us wore green, and since the numbers were worn on our fronts it made for an interesting challenge. To chase or not to chase, that was the question.

A first for me was that I was the oldest competitor in a race. I guess it had to happen sooner or later!

With this useful string bag souvenir for my bits and pieces I can now pretend to be a triathlete!  

8.4 kms Gmunden 9th July 2017

1. E Seid (ETH) - 27:30
113. G Williams (GBR) - 45:49

134 Finishers

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Long Run in Waldviertel

The area around Zwettel (think beer!) presents the runner with wide skies, long horizons, and meditative solitude. Ideal for a long run.

The training pace was gentle and I managed to sustain it for 4 hours (the overall time includes 2 x 10 minute breaks for refreshments - the first after 1 hour and the second after 3 hours).

I arrived back at my starting point feeling comfortable and relaxed.

It was great to know that 4 hours on my feet holds no horrors!

Preparation for September's half-marathon and beyond, with the new training system, is on course.