Monday, 4 September 2017

My Wine Tavern Training Run

After two encounters with vicious insects which had me sidelined for a while I decided today was as good a day as any, the swelling in my leg having receded,  to get back into it. 

I cadged a lift to Neustift am Wald, a village on the outskirts of Vienna, and there I spent a couple of hours jogging and ambling somewhat aimlessly in the vineyards and taking photos of any wine taverns I happened to pass on the way. 

Here is a gate leading into the vineyards from a small car park. This was my starting point. 

The next two photos show a couple of the trails I ran along. In the second photo you can see the city centre of Vienna in the distance.

If you look at the horizon behind the city you are looking at the place where Austria ends and Slovakia begins.

The next couple of photos show the grapes ripening. Red wines and white wines are produced in this area.

One particular white wine known as Green Veltliner is a peppery wine which is best drunk fresh. It is a firm favourite with people who frequent the wine taverns. Diners often mix the wine with soda or mineral water as an accompaniment to their meal or Jause as a traditional snack is called.

The first tavern, the Dorfschenke, is a 15th century building:

Next comes Prager: 

Followed by Häuserl am Stoan with black pudding and fried potatoes on offer:

And finally Häuserl am Roan where I treated myself to an 'energy' drink of grape juice and soda.

It was a gentle run through gentle scenery. Just the right medicine to get the old man going again!

There are many more wine taverns, known as Heuriger or Buschenschänke, in the area but if I'd stopped to photograph them all I'd be out there all day!

Cheers and Prosit!

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