Thursday, 5 October 2017

New shoes for old legs

These new running shoes are called Saucony Triumph ISO S20262-1. Launched in early 2015 they retailed for $150 in the US and €155 here (according to a quick search on Google).

I also discovered they are a Runner's World Magazine Editor's Choice for March 2015.

The pair you see here were on offer for €60 in a high street store in a medium sized town not far from Vienna. I tried them on and they were a perfect fit.

It pays to shop around.

Yesterday I took them for a training run on the Via Slavorum. 

The effects of my recent physio session were to be expected and something 'popped' in my calf!

I had a rest and a drink after 45 minutes.

My run took me through the village of Salmansdorf where I spotted a plaque on a wall which related the origin of the name. It was here in 1529 that Suleiman the Magnificent, as I think he's called, plotted his strategy for the downfall of Vienna.

The next picture is to be found on the wall of a bakery in the area and shows the Ottoman goal - the city of Vienna and the spire of St. Stephen's cathedral within striking distance.

The Turks were eventually defeated with the help of various Christian armies. Had Vienna fallen to the Turks in 1529 or later in 1683 Europe as we know it would not exist today.

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